About Maxi Foods

A company that offers innovative products meant to make any baker (professional or amateur), mothers, fathers, teenagers, etc lives a whole lot easier.


As far as is possible only natural ingredients are used.

Quality Product

Our muffin and cupcake mixtures are manufactured according to strict quality control.


Maxi Foods’ products contain Allergens and are manufactured in a factory that uses nuts.


Muffin Variations

Cupcake Flavours

Daily vitamins

Putting the fun back into baking

Baking muffins and cupcakes is so much easier now.

No more time consuming preparation of muffin or cupcake mixtures, we do it all for you. 

Always Exploring New Ideas and Flavors

We are constantly adding to our range of muffin and cupcake mixtures.

Inside Our Shop

All our mixtures are available to order online 


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